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Sinochem International spent 4.42 billion on the layout of the rubber industry, and the reshuffle and integration will continue.

Sinochem International recently announced that it would acquire 60.976% of the equity of Jiangsu Sinochem from Carlyle and eight natural persons at a price of no more than 2.82 billion yuan through its wholly-owned subsidiary Sinochem International (Singapore) Co., Ltd. This is the second time Sinochem International has invested in the rubber industry since this year. In addition to its overseas acquisition in February, Sinochem International has invested 4.42 billion yuan in this industry since this year

to ensure reliable results, analysts believe that Sinochem International has made a perfect layout in the upstream of the rubber industry chain through recent acquisitions, which is a small tool that destroys its tightness. Affected by the macroeconomic downturn and other factors, the rubber industry has limited profit space this year, and the surplus problem remains. Shuffling and integration will be the trend in the future

improve the layout

public information shows that Jiangsu Sinorgchem is the world's largest manufacturer of professional rubber antioxidant 6ppd, IPPD and intermediate RT Peisi. The company was founded in May, 2008 with a registered capital of 585million yuan. By the end of 2011, the total assets of the company were 2.405 billion yuan and the net assets were 1.329 billion yuan; In January this year, the sales revenue was 792million yuan and the net profit was 142million yuan

for Sinochem International's big acquisition, Li Wenkang, an analyst in the rubber industry of Zhongyu information, believes that this is both a transformation and an expansion. "Sinochem International is mainly engaged in trade, logistics, etc. Jiangsu Sinorgchem is the last letter combination stro entity enterprise of chemical industry. This acquisition can be described as a pedal for transformation." He said

Sinochem International has made frequent moves in the rubber industry since this year. In February this year, Sinochem International invested 192million euros (equivalent to about 1.6 billion yuan) to acquire 35% equity of Belgian siatnv, which produces rubber and palm oil, through its Singapore listed company gmggloballtd. With the acquisition of 2.82 billion yuan, Sinochem International has invested nearly 4.42 billion yuan in the rubber industry this year

"from the most upstream natural rubber planting to the acquisition of rubber additives enterprises, Sinochem International has made a perfect layout in the upstream of the whole rubber industry chain, and it is itself a giant in rubber trade. From planting to trade to related ancillary products, Sinochem International has laid a good stall in the upstream of the rubber industry chain." Li Wenkang said

in this regard, the rubber industry analysts of business club also believe that this acquisition is a measure for Sinochem International to integrate resources and optimize the industrial chain. Although the rubber industry is not booming at present, resource integration is the future trend. In the current environment, winning the "world's largest manufacturer of rubber chemical 6ppd" is very helpful for the future development of the company

industry integration will continue

it is understood that Sinochem International currently produces about 20000 tons of natural rubber per year, which is expected to reach more than 100000 tons per year in the next few years; The rubber processing and sales capacity is close to 600000 tons/year, about 5 times that of 2007; In 2010, the sales volume of natural rubber reached 590000 tons, ranking first in China and third in the world. It is planned to reach 1million tons in 2013. Sinochem International's determination to further cultivate the rubber industry is evident

however, the rubber industry seems to be in a recession at present. Li Wenkang told China Securities News that due to the economic situation, the whole commodity market is in recession, especially the rubber industry

"from the second half of 2008 to 2011, the rubber market rose and fell significantly, and there is more room for profit. But from this year's market, manufacturers, plantations, traders and so on are unprofitable. Sinochem International made a lot of profits from the rubber industry in the past few years, but this year is estimated to be less beautiful than in previous years." Li Wenkang predicted that in the next few years, the domestic rubber market will still face the problem of surplus, and shuffling and integration will still be the trend

"recently, some rubber traders are 'asking for more prices and asking for less goods', which indicates that the market confidence is insufficient and they are not very optimistic about the rubber market." The above business analysts also believe that the current rubber market is relatively pessimistic. However, she predicted that with the release of bad news, Ganfeng lithium announced that the rubber market may improve in January this year

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