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Short version live: choose sheet fed

traditionally, commercial printers use the method of printing multi page jigsaw puzzles on a large format printing machine, and then folding to produce horseback binding products. The products are punched offline and folded according to the folding label, and then 8, 16 or 32 pages are folded and pasted on the horseback binding machine for binding. The last step: three sides cutting (on-line or offline). This method is better for the long version. It can compensate for the long time required to set up a series of units. As customers print fewer copies in order to avoid long-term backlog, inventory and obsolete products, the length of operations continues to become shorter. At present, printers are facing the challenge of how to effectively produce a low number of horse riding orders in the shortest time cycle. Facing this challenge, the usual method is to assemble the operation into 4 pages and print them on a small format (33 inches or less) printing machine. The printed sheets are cut into single sheets or 4 pages and then installed on a high-speed vacuum page matching machine for stapling, folding and trimming. More and more printers are aware of the important benefits of using vacuum page dispensers/horse riding methods. First, there are few offline binding steps, which reduces the material transportation process between steps; Secondly, the use of sheet fed matching, printing, cutting, loading to the matching machine, stapling, folding and trimming are all done quickly on the machine. To restore the system settings is to restore the original settings of the computer before exiting the use program. Using the traditional method, print, punch/fold, and then install them into the on-line system, which then sends them to the horse riding stapling place for stapling, and complete the three-sided cutting on the machine or offline. In contrast, the process is relatively complicated. Another advantage of this method is less damage. Artistic page dispenser and booklet making accessories designed for special tasks have digital control, step-by-step motor drives all units and stops accurately when units are converted. It makes the product quality consistent all the time, which is very important for short edition. It is insignificant to waste 100 units on the horse riding binding line for a 50000 print long-term and short-term job, but if there are only 5000 print short-term jobs, 100 units is 2% of the whole job. Most importantly, the offline vacuum page/binding system can set and change the specifications in a few minutes. Compared with changing the binding line of horse riding and the three knife cutting line, this saves a considerable amount of labor for the pendulum to fall back quickly. The change speed is also strict, because the short version live length can't afford the time waste of many units. Customers not only push the business to a short version, but also shorten the delivery time at the same time. They often require delivery the next day or even the same day. Using cutting - Page - staple - folding - Rogers' elastomer material solutions division focuses on providing high-performance engineering material solutions in a variety of uses, and the method of cutting edges as a whole. Printed products can be delivered faster than the traditional process. And because of the consistency of quality, you can hand in part of the first batch of products after trimming, instead of binding after all the printing sheets are completed

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