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Scientific instruments: help healthy life

the progress of science and technology promotes social development and changes of the times, and plays a key role in the change of people's lifestyle and the improvement of life quality. As an intelligent achievement of advanced science and technology, scientific instruments are of great significance in ensuring people's healthy life. Advanced scientific instruments can monitor human health data. 1 Let's have a look, purify the air and ensure the health of people's living environment

guard sleep: sleep monitor

sleep is an important way for the human body to regulate itself, and sleep quality is crucial to human health. At present, the sleep quality of Chinese residents is not very optimistic. According to the data, there are about 50 or 60 million patients with sleep disorders in China. Most patients with severe insomnia are concentrated in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and most of them are post-90s youth. Monitoring sleep quality can make people deeply understand their sleep status, so as to effectively improve sleep quality

with the development of science and technology, sleep monitoring instruments continue to be optimized and upgraded, with higher performance and easier to carry. The original multi-channel sleep monitoring system is Shandong Sida high tech. as a professional experimental machine manufacturer, it will answer your questions one by one. Body contact is easy to cause pressure on the body, and even affect the sleep condition. The non-contact sleep monitoring instrument that emerged later has been significantly improved in this regard, and the detection method is more intelligent and human. The American micro motion sensitive mattress sleep monitoring system is its representative. At present, supported by various sensors, the types of sleep monitoring instruments are constantly enriched. The sensor used by sleep mainly records the data of body movement, respiration and heartbeat during sleep through piezoelectric film; Within uses air pressure sensor to realize the function of non-contact physiological index monitoring, and beddit 3 analyzes the user's sleep related data by placing a strip sensor on the user's bed

health protection: formaldehyde detector

formaldehyde is a colorless liquid that is easily soluble in water, with strong volatility and pungent smell. It mainly comes from building materials, furniture, man-made panels, various adhesives, coatings, synthetic textiles and other substances. At present, formaldehyde in indoor air has become a "hidden killer" harmful to human health, so it is necessary to detect it

there are hundreds of brands of household formaldehyde detection products on the market, and the market demand is very hot. With the continuous growth of air monitoring demand, the performance of formaldehyde detection products has increased significantly, and gradually reached the international advanced level. The detection accuracy, continuity, preheating time, stability, calibration time of formaldehyde detection products have made great breakthroughs. It is certain that the popularization of formaldehyde detectors can strengthen the detection of indoor environment, ensure the life safety of residents, and promote the development of the detection industry and the formulation of formaldehyde detector standards

purifying air: anion generator

air anion, also known as negative oxygen ion, has sedative, analgesic, antitussive, antipruritic and other functions, and is an essential part of human health. In air-conditioned rooms, there are few negative air ions left after air conditioning purification and pipe ventilation, so that the health status of people living in them for a long time has declined, affecting their daily life and work

in this context, air anion generator came into being. The traditional air anion generator uses high-voltage corona to increase the composition of air anion, so as to improve the air quality. Now the latest anion generation technology, with anion system and pollutant collection system, realizes the visualization of anion purification. Taking the coclean ion tower · Knight of Beijing Zhongqing Technology Co., Ltd. as an example, it adopts the unique dynamic anion technology, which releases highly active negative oxygen ions into the room from the anion PC), POM, polyester (mainly PBT) and polyphenylene oxide (PPO) generators, so that the particles in the air are adsorbed with each other, which not only ensures the experimental accuracy, but also breaks the hydrogen bond of toxic and other organic substances, thereby losing activity. It can actively absorb particles as small as 0.1 micron in the air, actively sterilize, check the air quality in real time, freely set the pollution value of the purifier on and off, and bring users an excellent use experience

science and technology benefit mankind, and the development of science and technology has effectively improved people's quality of life. At present, people's living standards are gradually rising, and the demand for a healthy life is also showing explosive growth. In order to meet people's diversified and deep-seated needs, we need the strong support of scientific and technological achievements. The successive emergence of scientific instruments shows the increasingly powerful scientific and technological power. It can be predicted that with the continuous development of science and technology, the needs of human healthy life will be more guaranteed

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