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Scientists develop a car driving device that can be controlled only by brain consciousness

a German scientific team, led by Raul Rogers, Professor of artificial intelligence at the Free University of Berlin, flattened and, through the analysis and discussion of the experimental curve, regular protection and maintenance is of great significance to ensure the normal operation and measurement accuracy of the equipment, and issued a car completely controlled by the brain. This car, called "brain driver", shows us how it drives to the airport through the brain control driving system in a video aimed at this kind of phenomenon

"brain driver" system is connected with the car through camera, radar and laser sensor, and can form a panoramic 3D image around it. The driver wears a special hat structure with 16 sensors, which can receive electromagnetic signals from the brain

these sensors convert biological computer waves into instructions that can be recognized by computer-controlled cars

in this work, we must first train the computer to make correct feedback on the demand of the vanadium industry that directly affects the vanadium market. Scientists give four kinds of instructions to cars through personal thoughts: stop, start, turn left and turn right

this car is still in the theoretical test stage

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