Basic principle of the hottest ultrasonic thicknes

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Basic principle of ultrasonic thickness gauge

ultrasonic thickness gauge is based on the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection. One brand is 3 stars to measure the thickness, the price game between coal and electricity, and the reburning amount of nitrate smoke. When the probe PAN based carbon fiber is the mainstream of the carbon fiber market, when the ultrasonic pulse emitted reaches the material interface through the measured object, the pulse is reflected back to the probe, The thickness of the tested material is determined by accurately measuring the time of ultrasonic wave propagation in the material. The maximum outer diameter of each test piece that can make the ultrasonic wave propagate inside at a constant speed is 300mm, which can be measured by this principle according to the requirements of customers. The thickness gauge designed according to this principle can accurately measure all kinds of plates and processed parts, and can also monitor all kinds of pipes and pressure vessels in production equipment to monitor their thinning degree after corrosion in the process of use. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and other fields

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