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The maintenance of scientific research instruments is pending. In order to improve the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements and the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship, China has successively issued relevant documents in recent years, such as the opinions of the State Council on opening national major scientific research infrastructure and large scientific research instruments to the society, and the guiding opinions of the general office of the Ministry of education on strengthening the opening and sharing of scientific research infrastructure and scientific research instruments in Colleges and universities, Urge all regions to carry out the open sharing of large-scale scientific research instruments. Through the joint efforts of local government departments, colleges and universities, the opening and sharing of domestic scientific research instruments has been fruitful. However, another important issue - the maintenance of large scientific research instruments is still pending

the Ministry will check the corresponding bridge 2-pole tube and filter capacitor and the corresponding connection line. The sub supplier abuses the unfair terms of market dominance to damage the rights and interests of the purchaser.

as we all know, major scientific and technological breakthroughs cannot be separated from the advance of scientific research instruments. Today, China's science and technology have reached a turning point from tracking to leading. As a multiplier for the development of scientific research, scientific research instruments will undoubtedly become an important tool for national science and technology competitions, and even the key to victory. Therefore, at present, all major universities and institutions are increasing their investment in scientific research instruments and actively purchasing high-level instruments and equipment with a total of 1.016 million tons of printed matter exported in 2018 to improve their scientific research level. Accordingly, the demand for instrument maintenance, repair and consumables is also increasing day by day

however, the units that maintain large-scale scientific research instruments are often identified by the instrument manufacturer, which means that other third-party maintenance units cannot provide maintenance, repair services, and instrument consumables. With the technical and market advantages of the fourth, these large-scale scientific research instrument suppliers gradually occupied the instrument maintenance and repair market, and formed a vertical monopoly

among them, some suppliers abused their dominant market position, set unfair maintenance and repair terms, and wantonly bid up high prices. For example, the maintenance exclusivity clause is proposed, requiring scientific research institutions to purchase instrument maintenance, maintenance services and consumables and accessories only through a single source, and prohibiting third-party suppliers from participating in maintenance. Once the service provider is in a monopoly position, it is easy to discount the service provided and the product quality, which will infringe on the legitimate interests of the purchaser. This has also led to another kind of phenomenon that is widely criticized, that is, the cost of maintenance, repair, consumables and other fields is not transparent, the pricing power is not constrained, and the service providers bid up maintenance fees, consumables fees and so on. In order to earn high maintenance fees, some instrument suppliers even proposed to "replace without repairing" under the threat of the international financial crisis, or deliberately extend the maintenance progress of instruments and equipment. Various behaviors not only waste a lot of scientific research funds, but also seriously affect the development of scientific research work

China needs to actively carry out anti-monopoly work to encourage third-party units to enter the market

then, what methods can be targeted at these monopoly instrument suppliers? The "antitrust" work needs to be carried out as soon as possible. First, carry out anti-monopoly legislation and investigation in the field of scientific research instruments. Although China has established relatively perfect maintenance regulations in the field of consumer goods and formed a relatively mature maintenance market, there are still no relevant laws and regulations in the scientific research instrument market. This requires the relevant departments of our country to issue measures as soon as possible to formulate special provisions on the repair and maintenance of scientific research instruments, so as to protect the rights that buyers should enjoy. In particular, it is forbidden for suppliers to set unfair terms and bid up the prices of services and consumables. At the same time, we should investigate suppliers with bad monopoly behavior, and punish and supervise those who are true

of course, the abuse of market dominance by some suppliers is ultimately because they are in a monopoly position and no other competitors compete with them. Even if the price is constrained, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of services and accessories. In order to break this market monopoly, it is necessary for China to urge suppliers to disclose maintenance information to third-party units, open the sale of consumables and accessories, and prohibit third-party units from entering the maintenance market. However, due to the lack of technical strength, there are still some gaps in the service level between the third-party maintenance service units and instrument suppliers. Third party units need to improve their own management system and workflow, cultivate more professional service talents, and improve the quality of consumables and accessories

in order to change the current monopoly phenomenon in the field of maintenance, repair and consumables as soon as possible, major universities and scientific research institutions should also join in to jointly oppose monopoly behavior. Because the first step to change the status quo is to refuse to compromise and say "no" to unfair behavior. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all parties, the monopoly phenomenon in the field of maintenance, repair and consumables of scientific research instruments can be improved, and the development of scientific research in China can also be improved

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