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New York restaurants need to design a grease separation system in advance. Waste oil will be recycled weekly.

the picture shows a recycling car that recycles waste oil from restaurants

New York City has its own standard system for the management of waste food oil. The management of waste oil has been incorporated into the system since the kitchen decoration. Each restaurant must also report its own kitchen design scheme to the Health Bureau during decoration. This plan must include a grease trap device, so that the separation steps of grease and water must be completed before all wastes are connected to the public sewer system

in addition, the waste oil in the kitchen is recycled weekly by the company entrusted by the government. It is the job of every restaurant to clean the oil separation system regularly. Through these efforts, New York City has eliminated the problem of gutter oil in management

restaurants separate food residues from used waste oil. Daily waste oil is recycled by the government free of charge

there is a hotpot restaurant near Brooklyn Eighth Avenue in New York. Jennifer, the owner here, brought it to the meal, so remember to carefully deal with the basement of the restaurant when choosing, so that you can see for yourself how the restaurant separates waste edible oil

the first process of the kitchen waste treatment system is to separate food residues from used waste oil. There is a filter above a large plastic bucket. When the leftovers are poured out, all the waste oil will flow from the filter to the plastic bucket. All the waste oil collected in plastic barrels is collected in a barrel after being exposed to a large number of entrepreneurial projects. The barrels are placed in a fixed position, and the waste oil will be automatically collected by the collection truck sent by the government every week. There is no charge for this work, so it will not cause additional burden to the restaurant

the working conditions of recycling trucks sent by the government are also posted in the restaurant in the form of tables. The time, place and frequency of recycling are clear at a glance

I see that the company that recycles waste oil is called bio energy development, Inc. It can be found that this company mainly designs alternative energy solutions, produces and designs ethanol, and produces biodiesel series products for the gasoline industry in the United States. The company's engineers will also design some bioenergy projects for customers. It can be seen that the use of waste oil recovery will never include the return of these oil products to the food industry

the government supervises the establishment of oil separation boxes to prevent waste oil from flowing into the public water system

the government's recycling of waste oil may be a visible part for consumers. The most important work is to prevent the oil from entering the public sewer system without leaving dirt and animal fat, which is hidden in every corner of the kitchen. In the United States, the name of this system is grease trap. A special pipe is connected under the kitchen sink. After the pipe extends for a period of time, the grease and water are separated. The separated grease will accumulate in a rectangular separation area, and the filtered water will go to the public sewer system

Jennifer led the rectangular area above and said that in order to better produce qualified machines, this rectangular area can be opened at any time, and our kitchen staff need to clean this place regularly. Because it needs to be cleaned by ourselves, our staff will pay special attention when dumping garbage in the sink. If too much grease is poured into the sink, the pipe will be blocked by itself, which is completely causing trouble for yourself

in New York, not only will the Health Bureau require that every kitchen must be equipped with a grease separation system, but other government departments will often educate the public not to pour waste edible oil into the sink. For example, the environmental protection department has a special page to guide residents on how to deal with waste oil. The environmental protection department wrote in the statement that New York City needs all residents to protect the orderly operation of our sewer system. If liquid fat, oil and animal fat are dumped into the tank, it will have a serious impact on the drainage system. They will stick to the inner wall of the pipe and enter the sewer system. Over time, these greases will even seriously block the drainage system. However, maintenance is expensive. You can avoid unnecessary damage. In addition, the environmental protection department also posted photos, asking people to put waste oil into small cans and discard it, rather than directly throw it into the sink

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