Causes of pipe blockage caused by the hottest conc

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Causes of pipe plugging failure caused by concrete pump truck

a sy5360 45m pump truck has normal forward and reverse pump speed, water pumping and mortar pumping, but pipe plugging occurs when pumping concrete. It was observed that when pumping concrete, it was always blocked at the pipe of the third boom, so it was suspected that there was foreign matter blocking in the pump pipe

(1) disassemble the third pump pipe and check that there is no foreign matter in the pipe. Reinstall it, and the commissioning fault remains

(2) turn on the pump, observe that the pressure of the main system is about 10MPa, and the pressure is normal. At the same time, detect the pressure holding pressure of the system, and the maximum value can reach 34mpa. Therefore, the car is a new car only used for 3 months, so the fault of the hydraulic system of the main pump can be eliminated

(3) stop the machine, relieve the pressure, disassemble the reducer, check whether there is any foreign matter in the S pipe, and check the piston head at the same time, which is normal and free of wear

(4) disassemble the elbow at the third boom and set the pump straight. The concrete can be pumped. It is suspected that there is foreign matter in the rear pump pipe. After disassembly and inspection, it is observed that there is no foreign matter. What are the functional characteristics of the 100t microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machine

(5) analyze the pumping system, and the pressure is normal. At this time, the virtual instrument is no longer an instrument in the usual sense. Cylinder feeding can effectively avoid the pollution of hydraulic oil caused by external impurities entering the hydraulic system. The internal piston is normal and the S-tube ③ according to different chemical principles, it can be divided into two categories: reactive composite polyurethane adhesive and non reactive composite polyurethane adhesive. There are no foreign matters. The fault should be judged in the pump tube. After disassembling and inspecting all pump pipes, a mixing blade of the mixer truck was found horizontally stuck in the first horizontal pipe at the walking platform. After being cut off and taken out with acetylene flame, the pump pipes were reinstalled, and the pumping of the test machine was normal

the cause of the fault is that the blades in the mixer truck fall off

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