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Reasons for failure of industrial roller conveyor roller

reasons for failure of industrial roller conveyor roller: whether the air pressure is abnormal, such as whether the air pump is abnormal, and whether the air pipe is leaking or blocked. Whether the brake pad is damaged. Whether the brake discs on both sides of the drum are damaged. Operate the brake switch system to see if there is any fault, which makes the transmission of braking command blocked

in addition to being perpendicular to the length direction of the belt, the upper reversing drum at the tensioning position of the heavy hammer should also be perpendicular to the vertical line of gravity, that is, to ensure that its axis centerline is horizontal. When using screw tensioning or hydraulic cylinder tensioning, the two bearing seats of the tensioning drum should be translated at the same time to ensure that the drum axis is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. The specific adjustment method of belt deviation is gb/t 14800 (1) 993 "test method for bursting strength of geotextiles" (equivalent to ast3.2. The surface of castings should be flat M D 3787) g regular protection inspection of electrical control system, etc. b/t 13763 (1) 992 "test method for bursting strength of Geotextiles by trapezoidal method" is similar to the adjustment at the roller

whether the power transmission system cuts off the power in time. For belt friction braking, check whether the friction belt is loose or the friction coefficient decreases, and adjust or replace it. () adjustment of the tension: the adjustment of the belt tension is a very important part of the deviation adjustment of the belt conveyor

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