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The New York packaging competition is unique

it's the end of the year again. (4) pull the loading handle, apply the main experimental force, and the big pointer of the instigator rotates counterclockwise; When giving gifts, many people may struggle with how to wrap gifts. Recently, a gift packaging competition was held in New York, USA, inviting experts from all walks of life to stretch their skills

gift packaging experts from all over the United States, including 21 of the most chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industries, participated in a packaging competition in New York, and unfolded their unique skills on the spot. The contestants participating in this competition must use wrapping paper, ribbon and tape to pack the items selected by the organizer within 15 minutes, not only comparing the speed, but also solving and breaking through the long-standing conflicts and obstacles between sustainable development and scope production in the industry

some of the contestants who came to the competition were employees working in large department stores, and even had wrapped gifts for former President Clinton. Jasia said, "Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Tyson, they always come to the store. I always provide special service. Oprah has also been here, and there are many others."

this competition adopts the elimination system, and the things that contestants have to pack are becoming more and more difficult, including a saxophone. One contestant said, "it's very difficult to pack. Even I can't pack it. Once I bought a new toy car for my daughter. I only tied a bow tie, but I can't pack it."

in the final, the contestants were asked to pack a motorcycle and a helmet. As a result, Doug from California won the championship. But Doug said, "what's important to me is what's inside the package."

the champion of the packaging competition can not only get a bonus of 10000 dollars, but also take his packed motorcycle home

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