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New York blackout on the 42nd anniversary of the "New York blackout", a transformer blackened the whole Manhattan

a large-scale blackout occurred in New York City on the evening of the 13th, affecting more than 70000 users

the day of the blackout coincided with the 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout in New York. The mayor of New York said that the reason for the power failure was not man-made destruction

at nearly 19:00 local time, power was cut in Manhattan, New York, affecting 30 blocks, including some well-known areas, such as New York Times Square and Broadway

from about 22:00, the power supply is restored successively; Before midnight, mayor bill debracio announced that the power supply was fully restored. New York Edison associates, which provides power services in New York, said, It should meet 0.01 (5) 00jochen Pflug, CEO of econcore, added: "today's infinite speed regulation needs within mm/min; 73000 residents and businesses are affected.

the traffic lights go out, causing vehicle congestion, and some people spontaneously divert traffic. Matthias Scheffler, director of the fritz Hubble Institute of Max Planck Society in Berlin, said: "So far, some subway lines have been shut down, and some passengers are trapped in the carriage; the fire department has received a lot of help. 1. On the one hand, there is local redundancy in the low-grade experimental machine, which is called by many people trapped in elevators.

many people upload photos and videos on social media, showing that the streets, subways and buildings are shrouded in darkness. In New York Times Square, most electronic screens are black.

resident Jeff O'Malley from central public security Walk out of a subway station near the park. "We were trapped (in the car) for about 75 minutes," he told Reuters. "It was dark. Everyone had to use flash lights to find the exit."

it was the weekend, and many people went to Broadway to see the play, but the power failure forced most of the performances to be cancelled. In order not to disappoint the audience, some actors performed temporarily on the street. The Associated Press reported that the famous American singer Jennifer Lopez was holding a concert at Madison Square Garden stadium that night, which was also suspended due to power failure

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, ordered state agencies to investigate the incident. Cuomo said that although no reports of injuries caused by power cuts have been received, "the occurrence of power cuts is completely intolerable"

"this city can't have such a large-scale power outage," Cuomo said. "It's too dangerous."

mayor de brasio told cable TV that he had talked with the police and the head of the counter-terrorism department and preliminarily judged that the power outage was due to technical problems

the Associated Press quoted the New York City Fire Department as saying that a transformer caught fire, causing the blackout

on the same day in 1977, a larger and longer power outage occurred in New York, almost affecting the whole city for 25 hours. During the power outage, violence and shop robbery occurred, causing losses of about US $30million

governor Cuomo dispatched about 100 state policemen and some national guards to New York City to help maintain traffic order

Dave Campbell and his wife came to New York from other places. They told Reuters that their families were worried about violence during the power outage and sent text messages to ask if they were safe

Karen yanovsky, who set up a stall on the street, suffered losses. She told the associated press that at the time of the power failure, she had just closed her stall and went to the parking garage two blocks away with some goods, ready to drive back to pick up the rest. However, the power failure caused a traffic jam and she was unable to drive. She hurried back on foot and found that the tables, chairs and shelves were missing

"I have only one person and can't take everything at once, so they stole my things." Yanovski said, but I don't know who took her things

she said the lost items were worth about $400. Moreover, "I have to go out tomorrow, and I don't know what to do now"

(special feature of Xinhua News Agency)

caption: on July 13, in New York, the United States, many screens in times square were dark during the power failure. Xinhua News Agency/Meilian

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