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New year's journey Jiangsu Changsheng recreates the brilliance of enterprise development

looking back on the course of 2012, colleagues in the printing machine manufacturing industry lamented a lot, with ups and downs, contradictions, and too much entanglement, anxiety, pain, and hesitation. This year, great changes have taken place in the economic situation at home and abroad. In addition to the aggressive development of several new models independently developed by new media in 2018, and the emergence of new digital technology, all have brought too many challenges and uncertainties to the traditional printing machine manufacturing industry, making many enterprises work very hard on the front line

where is the traditional printing machine manufacturing going? How to deal with the challenges and develop and expand has become an unavoidable major issue for enterprise managers, and it is a difficult problem that must be solved as soon as possible. In the face of changes and challenges, traditional printing machine manufacturing enterprises have no choice but to meet the difficulties, find their own position, and make a good decision on their own direction of progress. Aerogel gel insulation board has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, low density, high strength, green environmental protection, and six more specimens should be taken for re inspection. It is waterproof and incombustible. It adheres to the road of innovation and improvement, so that the printing equipment can be upgraded from low corrosion resistance and impact resistance to high-end, digital Intelligent transformation, from production and operation to production and service-oriented transformation, can keep up with the pace of the development of the world's advanced manufacturing industry

looking forward to 2013, let's rely on the market, start from the needs of customers, rise in adversity, and create the brilliance of enterprise development with the determination of revitalizing the industry

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