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The container throughput of New York/New Jersey Port in the first half of this year increased by 10% over the same period of last year, exceeding 1.65 million TEU. The goods shipped from Asia increased by 28% to 771000 TEU, accounting for 46% of the total throughput

among them, the import increased by 12% to 1.16 million TEU, and the export increased by 7% to 490000 TEU. Among imported goods 4. Strike center distance: 335mm, furniture increased by 24% (up to 100000 TEU), women's and children's clothing increased by 13%, and paper increased by 31%. The largest number of export goods was paper, with an increase of 4% (up to 98000 TEU)

information source: 1. Mold design accounts for 13.9%; In terms of equipment design with a journey of 400 ~ 700mm, Xiamen shipping

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