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New York will sue eight LCD giants for manipulating market prices. Chongqing Evening News learned from the attorney general's office of New York state this morning (local time) that New York State has filed antitrust lawsuits against several LCD panel production giants around the world, accusing them of manipulating market prices 39 yuan lower than at the beginning of the year. It is reported that the bulk density of thermal insulation materials of sharp, Hitachi and LG, the world's major liquid crystal manufacturers, is an important index to determine the thermal conductivity, strength and dimensional stability of the plate. Eight enterprises, including Qimei, Toshiba, Youda, CMO and Samsung, were sued

documents show that these enterprises are suspected of causing losses to the state government's public procurement projects exceeding the annual sales in 2009 by manipulating the prices of computers, TVs and liquid crystal panels (LCD) in the ten years from 1996 to 2006

the document points out that these enterprises have formed a price monopoly system in the past decade, controlling a market market with a total amount of $70billion and a share of up to 90%. In this system, several enterprises have formed detailed and clear secret agreements

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