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Lizhihui: Weichai Power modeling workshop's "wonderful doctor"

lizhihui: Weichai Power modeling workshop's "wonderful doctor"

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Guide: late at night, lizhihui was asleep, and suddenly a burst of rapid bell broke his dream. It turned out to be the help of the colleague on duty: the equipment doesn't work. Come and have a look. We've been beating around for a while, but we didn't find the problem. As soon as Li Zhihui turned over, he didn't care to explain too much to his family, so

late at night, lizhihui was sleeping soundly, and suddenly a burst of rapid bell broke his dream. It turned out to be the help of the colleague on duty: "the equipment doesn't work. Come and have a look. We've been beating around for a while, but we didn't find the problem." As soon as Li Zhihui turned over, he rushed to the boundless night without paying too much attention to his family

it is not uncommon for Li Zhihui to go out of the "emergency room" in the middle of the night. No matter it is windy or rainy, as long as there is a difficult problem with the machine, he will try his best to rush to the scene and solve the problem with the fastest speed to enhance the adhesion outside the mold. With years of experience and natural savvy, lizhihui has almost "cured the difficult and miscellaneous diseases at hand", which can be called a "skilled doctor", and has won high praise from the leaders and colleagues of Binhai foundry

lizhihui shuttles through all sections of the modeling workshop every day to treat all kinds of faulty equipment. The greasy dirt on his hands is always washed and stuck. Over time, he has figured out the temperament of these cold equipment, and every structure of the machine is deeply embedded in his mind. Once, he was busy with the work at hand. A colleague called to ask him to help repair the equipment, but he really couldn't leave. He could only ask his colleagues to describe the symptoms of the faulty machine in the, and then instruct them to detect the equipment according to their experience. Sure enough, the focus was quickly found and the problem was successfully solved. Looking at the machine running again, the colleagues in the modeling workshop admired Li Zhihui's "medical skills" with admiration

talking about the recognition of his colleagues, Li Zhihui's face was immediately full of laughter and pride, which was his most proud harvest after he made great efforts. "I am a grass-roots worker. It is everyone's approval and recognition that gives me strength and drive to achieve my current achievements." A colleague of Binhai foundry said that now lizhihui is not only famous in his work circle. 4. The brake pedal durability test gas, its reputation has also spread to the factory door

last year, the 60t mobile sand mixer mobile sand mixer produced by a company in Wuxi failed, and the manufacturer's engineers failed to find out the cause for several days. Seeing that the output would be affected, lizhihui was anxious. Although he was not in his job, he decided to try. With nearly ten years of maintenance experience and self-taught PLC program knowledge, after several detailed tests, he boldly judged that there were defects in the program itself, resulting in abnormal mechanical action. At first, the supplier's engineer was half convinced of Li Zhihui's conclusion, thinking that he was just a maintenance worker, who knew such a sophisticated thing as PLC program. However, facts have proved that Li Zhihui's 1000mm judgment is correct. The manufacturer has re optimized the machine control program according to his suggestions. A year has passed, and there has been no similar failure. Afterwards, the engineer repeatedly praised Li Zhihui's technology: "Weichai is really crouching tiger, hidden dragon, your technical level is really high, I admire it!"

Li Zhihui's exquisite maintenance technology was not practiced in a day. Once upon a time, he was just a young boy who just came out of school. Facing high-end equipment, he knew how to change simple parts. PLC programming was unattainable and mysterious to him. However, he was helpless and anxious when he found the problem, which prompted him to ponder around the machine as soon as he was free, and he also taught himself the PLC tutorial. Jiang Yibo, who was then the deputy director of the second foundry workshop of the foundry, was moved by his studiousness and said to him, "if you don't understand anything, come to me directly." Lizhihui is both excited and nervous, because Jiang Yibo's subordinates are all undergraduate students and above, and he studies top technologies such as electrification. Can he understand it as a junior college student? Lizhihui was at a loss, but he still tried hard

although he is a post-85 generation, Li Zhihui is very nostalgic, grateful and full of feelings for his post. Even if he has greatly improved his maintenance skills in the future, his classmates who joined him in that year repeatedly advised him to leave and find another job, he still chose to stay

talking about the biggest gains in recent years, he said that the "kW molding line comprehensive transformation" project completed by him as a key personnel in 2007 increased the production line beat from 22 boxes/hour to 35 boxes/hour, increased the efficiency by 50%, and saved millions of yuan annually. This project won the third prize of the project award of Weichai group scientific and Technological Innovation Conference, which was his most fulfilling thing

it is the great spiritual satisfaction that Li Zhihui is absorbed in his work. Especially after the foundry was moved to Binhai Industrial Park, he participated in the guidance, installation, commissioning and transformation of 14 equipment, and participated in a number of equipment upgrading and transformation projects

a tree is full of flowers, including high branches facing the sun and flowers on the corner. Although you are in a lower place, you still need to strive for sunshine, rain and dew to make your life bloom. Li Zhihui regretted that he did not go to a good university, but the grass-roots grind 2 Autoshift (when choosing to measure by gear): automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the load. From college rookies, top ten outstanding young people to outstanding communist party members, this "skilled doctor" who specializes in machine difficulties is enough to be proud of the workplace and become a leader among his peers

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