Tips for maintaining digital HDTV

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Tips for maintaining digital HDTV

with the year 2015 approaching, people pay more and more attention to digital HDTV. With the popularization of knowledge in various ways of media, more and more consumers know what digital HDTV is? So how to use it correctly and what are the main factors that affect the clarity of this kind of TV? Today we will briefly introduce these aspects

a at present, more and more consumers use digital HDTV, so consumers attach great importance to the maintenance of this kind of color TV. Here are ten ways to maintain digital HDTV

first, place the digital high-definition TV in a ventilated and dry place, away from heat sources in the home such as heating, as well as magnetic tape recorders, magnetic therapists and other equipment. If possible, it is best to place it at least cm away from the wall. Of course, in order to provide it with better heat dissipation conditions, do not put it in the TV cabinet to watch, because the ventilation conditions here are not good, which is easy to cause the temperature rise in the color motor and even the body components damage

second, do not place the digital high-definition TV in a place with direct sunlight and high light intensity, so as to better prevent the body, especially the plastic shell, from changing color and aging, which will affect the viewing effect. At the same time, it can also effectively avoid increasing the brightness, contrast and color saturation of the TV due to too strong sunlight and light, which will affect the service life of the TV

third, do not place the digital high-definition TV in a low, humid and prone to water seepage position, because it is easy to be affected by moisture, reduce the insulation performance and generate leakage, and eventually damage the components

fourth, put the digital HDTV in a place with less dust. When it is not working, users can cover the large screen color TV with a dark cloth to better avoid dust entering the TV

v. carefully observe the body of the digital HD TV, and there are heat dissipation holes at the bottom and back cover. Therefore, be careful not to plug or cover the vent hole during use

at present, almost all digital HDTVs are equipped with remote controls, which makes it easier for consumers to operate conveniently. At the same time, using the remote control to select stations or select and control its functions to reduce the use of keys on the body will also greatly improve the service life of its key particles

how to operate the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine

seventh, we should do regular dust cleaning for color TV sets. At ordinary times, you should also pay attention to using a soft, clean wet cloth or absorbent cotton to wipe the dust on the body shell and the screen

VIII. When the digital HDTV is in working state, do not move it, let alone vibrate it, so as to prevent the filament of the picture tube from breaking or damaging the TV

IX. if users do not use digital HDTV for a long time, they should unplug its power plug and outdoor antenna to prevent lightning damage and safety accidents. Of course, this is not enough. Users also need to do regular power on and moisture removal inspection for it

X. in the process of use, if the digital HDTV picture tube is found to have color spots, it means that the TV may have been magnetized, and users should pay enough attention at this time. Degausser can be used for degaussing. If the magnetism cannot be completely eliminated by this method, it indicates that there may be a problem with the automatic degaussing circuit inside the body. At this time, the user is advised not to open the cover without authorization to avoid expanding the scope of the fault. Instead, it should be called by professional maintenance personnel for on-site maintenance or sent to the designated maintenance department for maintenance in person

b what are the determinants of TV clarity? "The number of pixels determines the definition of TV" is a wrong concept and misleading to consumers

experts say what to do if there is a problem with the frequency converter of the single column testing machine? The "pixel" is included in the signal source. Under the condition of the same signal source, the pixels received by all TVs are the same. At this time, the clarity displayed by the TV mainly depends on the channel bandwidth designed by the TV itself. At the same time, the display quality of digital HDTV also has a certain relationship with the dot pitch of the picture tube, the specific test steps as follows: line frequency and field frequency, and the level of circuit design. Among them, the channel bandwidth is the most important index, which is also the most difficult problem to overcome in the design of digital HDTV

the fluorescent screen of the picture tube is composed of pink dots formed by red, green and blue. A certain distance between dots is the dot pitch of the picture tube. Simply put, the smaller the dot distance, the higher the resolution of the image, and vice versa

the higher the line frequency and field frequency, the more stable the image is. The level of circuit design (such as dynamic range of video amplifier circuit, de-interference, noise reduction control and other technologies) will also directly affect the quality of digital clear TV image display

c in recent years, color TV explosions have occurred from time to time, so how to prevent and prevent TV accidents has become one of the concerns of consumers. So, what should we pay attention to in the process of use

first of all, the location of the TV is very important. From the perspective of safety, users should not place the digital HDTV near the heat source and in a humid environment, so as to avoid high-voltage ignition. Of course, it is more undesirable to put it next to inflammables and explosives. Because when the TV is switched on and off, it may produce contact sparks, and the high voltage in the machine will produce electrostatic discharge at the moment of generation and disappearance, so it is very dangerous and unsafe to use it in a flammable and explosive environment

secondly, when the TV fails: there is peculiar smell, smoke, and there is a fire sound or light in the machine, the TV should be turned off immediately and sent to the professional maintenance department for repair

third, when replacing critical TV components with safety signs, users must use components with reliable quality and safety assurance approved by the original manufacturer. Because if inferior devices are replaced in an easy way, it will pose a great threat to the safety performance of the TV itself. This would be tantamount to burying a time bomb in your home

fourth, to avoid the "color TV explosion", users should also pay attention to the correct and maintenance of digital HDTV. When strong thunderstorm weather comes, turn off the TV in time and unplug its power plug and cable TV plug. This is because thunderstorm weather is a fierce, damaging and irregular weather

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