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Liang Wengen, NPC deputy: support the "epidemic" line with the "Trinity approach"

Liang Wengen, NPC deputy: support the "epidemic" line with the "Trinity approach"

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"Sanxiang people in the same boat, will be able to overcome the epidemic!" Recently, Liang Wengen, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Sany Group Co., Ltd., frequently spoke through the media to cheer for the fight against the "epidemic" and support the "epidemic" line with practical actions

as the leader of the Sany epidemic emergency team, Liang Wengen led all the staff to support the epidemic prevention and control and served as the enterprise. Since the second day of the new year, 100% of the five categories of personnel with infection risk have been screened every day, and isolation measures have been implemented one by one. At present, none of the Sany employees in Hunan is infected

after learning of the shortage of medical prevention and control materials in Hunan, Sany group immediately mobilized more than 500 overseas marketing personnel and more than 400 partners to purchase on January 28, and rushed back to Hunan

as of February 10, 1.05 million medical masks, 65000 sets of medical protective clothing, and more than 7000 medical gloves, goggles and other medical supplies have been purchased and shipped back. Upon landing, the plane was donated to the units most in need of epidemic prevention and control in some wetter areas through the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province

At the same time, Sany engineering equipment and personnel also participated in the construction of the North Hospital of Changsha first hospital and the "Xiaotangshan" hospital in brother provinces, including Wuhan Huoshen mountain and Leishen mountain hospitals just delivered (41 cranes, 8 pump trucks, 35 mixer trucks, 22 excavators)

in addition, Sany contributed to the fight against the epidemic in a familiar way in Huanggang Dabie Mountain medical center, Guangxi Yongwu hospital, Xi'an public health center, Fuqing hospital, Zhengzhou COVID-19 isolation room, etc

figure Sany pump truck supports Wuhan to build an emergency hospital

on the basis of doing a solid job in epidemic prevention and control, Sany fully deploys production enterprises to resume work. A resumption ceremony was held in Changsha on the afternoon of February 4, conveying the positive voice of "safe, scientific and accurate resumption" to all sectors of society

at present, Sany pumping, hoisting and other business units have begun to resume work. The enterprise transports the experimental machine of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. It is needless to say that in terms of business management, through the "three clouds" such as office desktop cloud, R & D desktop cloud and Simulation Design Desktop cloud, Sany has fully realized collaboration and work at home

since the occurrence of the COVID-19, Liang Wengen and other entrepreneurs have actively responded to the call, earnestly shouldered the political and social responsibilities, conscientiously performed the representative duties, actively acted as an example, gave full play to their exemplary role, and contributed to the fight against epidemic prevention and control

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